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  1. Free WiFi: lygmuseum (provided by the hotel).

  2. At the entrance of the venue, free convenience lockers are set up to facilitate the storage of items for spectators. The service counter provides free storage of large items.

  3. Free drinking water and warm water are provided at the entrance of the west gate; free services such as wheelchairs, strollers, umbrellas, and emergency medicine kits are provided; emergency mobile phone charging equipment is provided at the west gate service desk on the first floor and in the Bosu Hall.

  4. Regular free explanation service is provided at 9:30 am on the open day; the west gate service desk provides audio guide rental service.

  5. Visitors can take elevators and elevators for the disabled to reach various exhibition halls.

  6. There is a multi-functional lecture hall that can hold various conferences, academic reports, knowledge lectures, film screenings and other services; it is equipped with projection demonstrations, professional audio, lighting and other equipment.

  7. On the first floor, there is a cultural relics and crafts shop (Bosu Hall) at the north gate of the first floor: operating imitation copies of various cultural relics, tourist souvenirs, cultural and creative products, handicrafts, cultural and cultural history books to meet the shopping and leisure needs of the audience.

  8. The temporary exhibition halls and shared halls of the museum are equipped with professional lighting equipment, advanced and strict security systems, and can hold cultural activities such as art exhibitions, press conferences, fashion shows, cold dinners and banquets.

  9. Outdoor large screens provide paid publicity services.