Dear audience friends:

  According to the notification requirements of the superior department, the Lianyungang Museum will resume normal opening from August 25 (Wednesday). The opening hours are as follows:

  Tuesday to Sunday

  9:00~17:30 (April to October), stop admission at 17:00

  9:00~16:30 (November to March), admission will be closed at 16:00

  Closed on Mondays (except statutory holidays), closed on Lunar New Year’s Eve

  Visiting Instructions:

  1. The museum implements a real-name system for time-sharing appointment visits. Please make an appointment in advance on the homepage of Lianyungang Museum's WeChat public account and visit the museum according to the appointment time.

  2. Please wear a mask correctly when entering the museum, take the initiative to show the health code, scan the itinerary card on the spot, and then enter the green code (minors should be shown by the guardian). At the same time, cooperate with receiving body temperature measurement, if the temperature exceeds 37.2 ℃ or have abnormal symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, etc., are not allowed to enter the museum.

  3. Elderly people over 60 years old, who do not have a smart phone and cannot provide health codes and travel codes, can enter the museum with their ID or social security card, register their personal information on the spot, and fill in the health commitment form.

  4. When visiting indoor venues, it is necessary to wear masks throughout the entire process, consciously keep a distance, follow the tour route in an orderly manner, and do not carry out crowd gathering activities.

  5. No manual explanation service is provided for the time being, and the multimedia interactive experience project in the exhibition hall will be suspended.

  6. Strictly implement flow restriction measures during the epidemic, and the number of tourists received per day shall not exceed 50% of the authorized number of the museum.

  7. Team visit:

  ① Make an appointment on the WeChat official account of Lianyungang Museum at least 1 day in advance, download the visit registration form, fill in the information of all members of the team (including name, ID number, residence, contact information, etc.) and upload it.

  ②The number of people entering the museum in each batch should not exceed 50. When entering the museum, everyone needs to show the health code (green code) and itinerary code (green code), and cooperate with the temperature measurement (if there are elderly people in the group who cannot use mobile phones, they must be The team prints the health code and itinerary code in advance).

  8. Appointment time: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-17:30

  Consulting Tel: 0518-85681748 85681726.

  Lianyungang City Museum

  August 25, 2021