"Eternal Monument-Yanhan Print Art Exhibition" was officially exhibited at Xuzhou Museum in the fourth stop of the tour.

  To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Lianyungang Museum planned the "Eternal Monument-Yanhan Print Art Exhibition", which was successfully selected into the "2021 National Art Museum Collection Exhibition Season" project, and toured across the country.

  Yan Han is one of the pioneers of China's emerging printmaking. His creative process shows the suffering and struggle of the Chinese people in the 20th century, and is closely linked to the destiny of the nation. Early creation is a portrayal of life and fighting in the liberated area, permeated with a strong atmosphere of life, and became one of the main representatives of the "liberated area woodcut", with precious artistic and historical value.

  This exhibition is on display at the Xu Peichen Art Museum of Xuzhou Museum. It mainly exhibits Yanhan’s early woodcut works. The exhibition will last until September 22.