In order to resolutely implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and educate and guide party members and cadres to participate in the fight against the epidemic, on the afternoon of August 20, the Municipal Museum Party Branch organized all party members and activists to carry out a party day event with the theme of "Two in Two Working Together to Fight the Epidemic" .


  At the meeting, all party members carried out special studies. Party branch secretary Zhang Daqiang conveyed the spirit of the 13th Plenary Session of the 12th Municipal Party Committee and the "Implementation Opinions on the In-depth Implementation of the "Two in Two Same" Action for New Merit in the City’s Party Members and Cadres", leading everyone In-depth study of the deployment of the central, provincial and municipal party committees on epidemic prevention and control. He pointed out that the prevention and control of the epidemic is a top priority. Since the beginning of the year, the domestic epidemic has rebounded many times, especially the recent epidemic situation in Nanjing and Yangzhou is severe. Deployment and implementation of epidemic prevention and control. The party members and cadres of the museum must be the vanguard, take the lead, and play a role in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and test the effectiveness of the “two in two in the same” initiative with practical results.

  The epidemic is the order, and prevention and control are the responsibility. In the work of epidemic prevention and control, the Party branch of the Municipal Museum strictly follows the unified deployment of the Municipal Centers for Disease Control and the Party Committee of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Tourism, improves political positions, takes the lead in performing duties, and guides the party members and cadres of the museum to take the lead in implementing various items. In the epidemic prevention and control task, party members and comrades give full play to their pioneering and exemplary roles, actively participate in the “two in two in two concerted anti-epidemic” action by party members and cadres of the municipal government Decisions and deployments are implemented. Promote party members and cadres to deeply understand the important significance, fundamental requirements, and specific tasks of the "two in two in common" action to build new merits, and earnestly enhance their ideological and action awareness, and be quick activists, loyal implementers, and model practitioners of the great call.