On the afternoon of March 10th, more than 600 students from the Phoenix Campus of Lianyungang Xinhai Education Group, led by their teachers, walked into the Lianyungang Museum to visit the exhibition of Lei Feng's car deeds and learn the spirit of Lei Feng on the spot.

  During the visit and learning process, the students learned about the moving deeds of several generations of "Lei Feng riders" who persevered in carrying Lei Feng's spirit for 54 years through pictures, texts, etc. After listening carefully to the introduction of the instructor, all the students were greatly encouraged and expressed that they would follow the example of the "Lei Feng Crew", endure hardships and stand hard work in future life, help others, and continue to stimulate positive social energy.

  It is reported that after the event, the staff of the Lianyungang Museum also presented books and materials related to Lei Feng's car to the students, so that everyone can learn more about Lei Feng and pass on Lei Feng's spirit.