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Silver square box from Asoka Tower of Haiqing Temple in the fourth year of Tiansheng in the Northern Song Dynasty, Class II


  Height 6.7, side length of cover 4, side length of base 5.7 cm

  The core pillar of the Ashoka Pagoda in Haiqing Temple, Lianyungang City, was unearthed in 1974

  The silver box is cube-shaped, silver, and is a container for buried relics. There are hinges on the left and right sides of the silver box, double hinges on the back, locks on the front, and a top-shaped lid. There are four legs at the bottom of the box. There are inscriptions on the lid, front and back of the box. The inscriptions are the names and vows of the supporters, and the date is clearly the four years of Tiansheng. The lid and the box body can be opened freely, and the workmanship is exquisite and unique.