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Northern Song Dynasty Haiqing Temple Ashoka Pagoda Stone Letter, Level 1


  This stone letter is one of the few Tang and Song relics found in our country at present. The whole tool is exquisitely made, which fully reflects the superb stone carving craftsmanship and Buddhist artistic style of the Tang and Song Dynasties.


   stone letter series is carved from a whole piece of blue ink. The upper part of the letter body is a sarcophagus, and the lower part is connected to the waist-shaped Xumi seat. The two are combined into a whole. The canopy is in the shape of a top, broken into three sections when unearthed, with three original slender waists at the back; four gods are embossed around the slope of the canopy: left green dragon, right white tiger, front Suzaku, and back basalt. When unearthed, the stone letter was in accordance with The four gods are placed in the location; the middle of the head of the stone letter is inscribed with a shallow line door door, there are neatly arranged five-element door nails on the door door, and the door door has a lock that protrudes out of the body. The side-relief has the same content: the first half is the twelve heavenly music from the heavens to welcome the Buddha into Nirvana. The second half is meticulously portrayed a vivid "Nirvana Transformation Picture"; the lower half is connected to the waist-shaped Sumi seat, embossed with four wrestlers carrying relics on their shoulders.

  The entire stone letter is dignified in shape, ingenious in conception, and rich in connotation. The high bas-relief and Yin-line carving techniques are used together. The decoration is exquisite, the carving is delicate and the image is vivid. It is a Buddhist art treasure with the style of the Tang Dynasty.