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  "Lianyungang Humanities" is a municipal cultural exchange publication sponsored by the Lianyungang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication and undertaken by the Lianyungang Museum. It collects manuscripts from the society throughout the year and welcomes contributions from industry experts, scholars and cultural enthusiasts.

  One. Scope of Contributions:

  Based in Lianyungang, original papers, essays, and literary works related to culture, literature, history, thought, and current cultural phenomena are all included in the call for submissions. details as follows:

  1. Articles on local cultural development.

  2. History and philosophy articles.

  3. Film and television, photography articles.

  4. Art, music, folk art and other articles.

  TWO. Call for papers:

  1. The argument is novel, the argument is sufficient, the conclusion is reliable, the conclusion is clear, the data is accurate, and the text is concise.

  2. In addition to the main text, your manuscript should also include the following content: zip code, detailed address, unit, contact number, e-mail address, author's introduction, etc.

  3. This journal has the right to delete and modify all manuscripts. If you do not agree to delete or modify, please indicate when submitting the manuscript. Do not submit more than one manuscript, and all manuscripts are solely responsible.

  4. The manuscript can be sent directly to the editorial department's email address whjwwc@163.com via the Internet. The manuscript is submitted in word document format. Each manuscript needs to provide 3 to 5 pictures, each with a size of 500k or more, and send it in JPG format.

  5. Once the manuscript is published for publication, a copy of the current magazine will be given as a gift, and a generous remuneration will be given.

  6. This publication has been included in the Lianyungang Culture Network. Any work published in this publication shall be deemed to have agreed to go online.

  7. The submitted manuscript must be written by the author himself. If it has been published in a related journal, please indicate the journal name and annual number of issues at the end of the paper (the author’s unit and name are not indicated). The source of relevant quotations and data should be indicated in the article. If the paper involves copyright disputes, all responsibilities shall be borne by the author.

  THREE. Contact information:

  Contact address: No. 68, Chaoyang East Road, Haizhou District, Lianyungang City.

  Contact number: 0518-85681790.

  Zip code: 222006.

  Email: whjwwc@163.com

  Contact: Liu Fang