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 Lianyungang Museum volunteers have been recruited, please sign up

  In order to give full play to the social education function of the museum, expand the popularization and dissemination of Lianyungang's history and culture, and at the same time build a platform for friends who love cultural activities and public welfare to realize their personal and social values, and further promote the aspirations of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress" Spirituality, Lianyungang Museum is now openly recruiting volunteers from the society.

  This is a gallery of art, there are cultural treasures,

  History is before your eyes, we are by your side!

  You need your flexibility and thinking here to tell us a different history!

  one. Recruitment conditions

  1, 16-65 years old, enthusiastic about public welfare, good conduct, voluntary service to the public;

  2, I love the cultural and museum career, and have a certain understanding of relevant historical basic knowledge;

  3. Fluent in Mandarin and strong language skills;

  4. Foreigners should have the ability to speak Chinese;

  5. Physical and mental health, competent for the work arranged by the museum;

  6. Have free time and be able to go to the museum on time to engage in volunteer work;

  7. Comply with the relevant rules and regulations of Lianyungang Museum.

  two. Recruiting positions

  1 explanation service

  Provide visitor explanation services for the audience to improve the quality of visits. It is required to be fluent in standard Mandarin, with good language skills and adaptability; love to explain work, strong sense of service, sense of responsibility, and serious and responsible work.

  2Guide and Consultation Service

  Provide visitors with consultation, guidance, and order maintenance services. It requires a strong sense of service, a sense of responsibility, serious and responsible work; a good sense of teamwork.

  3 Other temporary work

  teree. Service location and time

  1 Service location

  Lianyungang Museum

  2 service hours

  Every day from 9:00 to 17:30 (except Mondays), visit the museum at least once a month, not less than 2 hours each time.

  four. Recruitment procedures

  1. Registration stage

  On the morning of May 18, the planned number of recruits is 50 people, and the registration deadline is May 31;

  2, registration method

  (1) On-site registration: Xinpu Park is recruited at the 5.18 Museum Day publicity event. Applicants can also go to the front desk of Lianyungang Museum West Gate to complete the registration procedures and fill out an application form if they wish.

  (2) Online registration: Fill in the volunteer application form online and send it to the email: bwgshfwb@163.com, and submit the paper form with a copy of my ID card and a recent one-inch photo.

  3, registration address

  Lianyungang City Museum (No. 68 Chaoyang East Road, Haizhou District, Lianyungang City)

  4, audit training

  The museum will review the registration materials and notify qualified candidates to participate in the training.

  five. On-job service

  Those who have passed the training and assessment will be incorporated into the service team and participate (provide) services at the agreed time.

  6. Inquiry telephone



  Lianyungang Museum Volunteer Recruitment Order!

  Looking for the humanistic symbols scattered in the hustle and bustle of the city,

  Taste the historical mark unearthed in the dust and mottle.

  Explain with heart, pass with love,

  Lianyungang Museum now recruits volunteers from the whole society all year round, and sincerely welcomes people who are enthusiastic about social welfare and cultural and cultural undertakings to come and sign up. We look forward to your coming and spread the positive cultural energy with us!

  Download the registration form