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  Visit consultation appointment:

  Visit consultation, group visit reservation telephone: 0518-85681748, 85681726.

  Exhibition exchange:

  All kinds of institutions and individuals are welcome to hold cultural relics exhibitions or modern and contemporary art exhibitions in our museum. You can also contact the exhibition for loan. For details, please call the exhibition department: 0518-85681793.

  Cultural relic donation and collection:

  All walks of life are welcome to donate cultural relics and actively provide clues for cultural relics collection. For details, please refer to the "Administrative Measures for the Collection of Cultural Relics of Lianyungang Museums" (this website: "Cultural Relics Collection-Collections Collection" column query), if you have any intentions, please contact the Custody Department: 0518- 85681775.

  Book View:

  Cultural systems and various academic institutions are welcome to come to check books and materials. When checking, you need to bring a letter of introduction of the institution and a valid personal ID. For details, please call the reference room: 0518-85681752.

  Website related:

  Please consult the office, Tel: 0518-85681790.

  Complaints and Suggestions:

  Please call the office: 0518-85681790 (Monday-Friday); Fax: 0518-85681772; or Email: lygmuseum@163.com.