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  • Social Service Department

    (1) Responsible for the organization, reception and explanation of the audience;

    (2) Responsible for editing and publishing "Friends of the Museum" and popular science books;

    (3) Responsible for establishing co-construction relations with various schools and carrying out educational activities;

    (4) Responsible for the recruitment, management and organization of volunteer work;

    (5) Responsible for the cultural and creative development of the whole museum and the management of Bosu Hall.

  • Research Information Department

    (1) Mainly responsible for the discussion of academic issues and subject research;

    (2) Responsible for the promotion of traditional media and new media information;

    (3) Responsible for the editor of "Lianyungang Wenyuan" and annual report;

    (4) Responsible for archive management, collecting local historical documents and photos, etc.

  • Security Department

    (1) Responsible for establishing, perfecting and perfecting various security work systems and implementing them;

    (2) Responsible for the safety management of the exhibition hall during the opening period and the guard duty work of the whole hall after the exhibition hall is closed;

    (3) Responsible for the management of human defense, physical defense, technical defense, fire fighting and security teams;

    (4) Responsible for the management of spare keys for key parts of the entire library;

    (5) Responsible for the safe escort of cultural relics (exhibits);

  • Archeology Department

    (1) Responsible for the archaeological excavation and exploration work of the city;

    (2) Carry out archaeological research based on archaeological discoveries;

    (3) Responsible for compiling and publishing archaeological reports and related collections.

  • Display department

    (1) Responsible for the formulation of the annual exhibition plan and the planning, negotiation, agreement signing, and plan implementation of the exhibition launched or introduced by the museum;

    (2) Responsible for the form design of the exhibition and the image design of other aspects of the museum;

    (3) Responsible for the installation and dismantling of exhibitions and the handover of temporary exhibitions;

    (4) Responsible for organizing and archiving files of exhibition materials, agreements, etc. displayed during the year;

    (5) Responsible for the annual budget of the exhibition and exhibition.

  • Custody Department

    (1) Responsible for the custody, protection and research of cultural relics in the collection;

    (2) Responsible for the establishment and improvement of cultural relics accounts, and the establishment of cultural relics files and cards;

    (3) Responsible for the preventive protection of movable cultural relics in the collection and the inspection and evaluation of the condition of cultural relics in the exhibition hall;

    (4) Responsible for the restoration, protection and maintenance of cultural relics in the collection, and carrying out research on cultural relics protection technology;

    (5) Participate in archaeological investigation, excavation and data compilation;

    (6) Responsible for the collection, donation, transfer and acceptance of cultural relics, and routine cultural relic identification.

  • office

    (1) Responsible for the drafting of various government affairs decision-making, important documents and other manuscripts of the whole library;

    (2) Responsible for receiving and dispatching documents, formulating various management rules and regulations and organizing their implementation;

    (3) Responsible for the organization and personnel, party building and veteran cadres of the whole library;

    (4) Responsible for the procurement and management of office supplies, equipment maintenance, item maintenance, vehicle management and other logistics management of the entire library;

    (5) Responsible for the financial affairs of the whole library.