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Introduction to Yanhan

  Yan Han was born on July 29, 1916 in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province. Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts.

  Yanhan is one of the most outstanding famous painters in our country, especially his prints have a very large influence both at home and abroad. Yan Han's life was bumpy and full of legends. His art is always developing in constant change and evolution. And formed his own aesthetic concept. In the 1940s, he participated in the battle against the enemy in the Taihang Mountains as a fighter and a painter. Many works portray the military and civilian combat against the Japanese from the front. The people's character and anti-fascist historical value of his works will be recorded in the annals of history forever. At the same time, Yan Han also expressed life in the liberated areas and democratic reforms in his works, and became one of the main representatives of the "liberated area woodcuts". 57 years later, Yan Han has experienced political hardships. He still devoted himself to creation with a tenacious will and completed a large number of passionate revolutionary war works. The late dramatist Wang Shaoyan once said 57 years later: "Yanhan is a fighter who was beaten to fight on the ground." At the same time, Yan Han also completed a series of illustrations during this period. He created illustrations in Lu Xun's novels and expressed his deep understanding of human nature. After the reform and opening up in the 1980s, Yan Han's artistic style has undergone major changes. He uses metaphors and symbolism to eulogize the new era of reform, and his works are strongly romantic. After the 1990s, Yan Han's works began to become abstract and philosophical, and his art entered a higher realm. During this period, Yan Han recorded his artistic thinking process in handwritten form and established his own aesthetic concept. Yan Han's life is "living for the sake of art", and the people and the spirit of the times expressed in his works will never be obliterated. As the late famous art theorist Jiang Feng commented, "If you connect Yanhan's works, it will be a magnificent historical picture." Yan Han has held solo exhibitions in many countries. Many of his works are collected by important museums at home and abroad, and have won numerous national awards for great artistic achievement. Yanhan successively published "Yanhan Prints", "Yanhan Painting Collection", "Yanhan Prints Collection", "Yanhan Chinese Painting Collection", "Yanhan", "Yanhan Painting Collection" (new) and "Paintings of Literature". "The Collection of Yanhan's Sketches", "The Random Thoughts of Yanhan's Art", "The Study of Yanhan". Books introducing Yanhan include "Biography of Yanhan", "Thanks for the Suffering", "Me and Yanhan", "Research on Yanhan" and so on.

  Yanhan's life is tortuous and difficult. His rough and legendary experience has created his strong and unyielding personality. For the research he has experienced, we can discover the origin of Yanhan's artistic thought. The works created in the life of the battle between blood and fire, the people's character and the spirit of the times shown in the works have radiated light to this day, and they have become more precious with the passage of time. His works during the tribulation period reflect the perception of human nature, and deeply touch the goodness, evil, beauty and ugliness in the human soul. Since the reform and opening up, Yan Han's works are full of splendor. The works in his later years express the pursuit of peace and beautiful humanity with abstract philosophical rationality.

  The artistic concept of a painter is not innate, but is accumulated and developed in various periods, various changes and influences, and is a combination of many factors. Any work with no personality is not only boring at the time, even in the long history of painting and a long list of painters, it will not find its proper place. With his nearly half-century of artistic practice, although there is no huge amount of painting theories handed down to the world, people can not find the shadow of "repetition" in his works, no matter what period they are in. It allows you to chew repeatedly, always giving you an inexhaustible meaning.

  Yanhan once said in his later years: "I am dead without regrets." Yan Han's life is a life of suffering, a life of legend, and a life of battle and creation. His works have always developed with the development of the times. The people's character and zeitgeist in his paintings will never be obliterated, and some of his works reflecting history will be immortal.